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Mr. Bryan Todd Rogers is a certified Partner Service Expert (P.S.E.) and certified Autodesk instructor with over 23 years of experience in teaching, managing, and, providing hardware and software solutions for hundreds of engineering firms throughout the greater Houston, Texas area.  Mr. Rogers has a proven track record of success for implementing technology to engineering firms to speed up production and accuracy for a large increase of ROI.

In 1995, Mr. Rogers began his professional career after graduating from the Art Institute of Houston where he earned his degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design.  Today, Mr. Rogers is a valued member of the Infrastructure Support Division (ISD) for Total CAD Systems, Inc., Houston, Texas, where he works as an Autodesk Instructor and Support Specialist.

Bryan is a leader in customizing company standards to fit their everyday workflow, and creating solutions to problems due to software or hardware error.  Mr. Rogers has a proven track record of leading a strong team and delivering next-generation technical solutions, improving revenues, margins and workplace productivity.  He has an outstanding record of providing technical support for clients through on-site training and web support.  He has also authored and co-authored training materials for AutoCAD Civil 3D and Autodesk InfraWorks for implementation throughout the design industry.

Mr. Rogers holds the “Autodesk Expert Elite” status - a program to recognize individual community members who have made extraordinary contributions with helping customers by sharing knowledge, providing community leadership, and exemplifying an engaging style of collaboration that drives a healthy and valuable Autodesk customer community.  He is also on the Autodesk Infrastructure Participatory Design Council.  In 2012, he presented “Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler” to industry professionals in Las Vegas, Nevada at Autodesk University.  Mr. Rogers shares his enthusiasm for Autodesk with his community, as well as represents the voice of the customer back to Autodesk.

Presently, Mr. Rogers is earning his Bachelors of Science in Information Technology and keeps up to date with the latest in technology and trends by attending seminars and conferences worldwide.  He is an active blogger.   Through his personal blog website (, he shares tips and solutions with Autodesk software issues.

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Site design, utility design, and transportation. We can handle anything from a simple plan sheet to a full set of construction plans. We can charge by the project, or by the hour. Call or email for pricing.


Any 2D drafting we can handle. We can do floor plans, infrastructure, piping, GIS, plats, topographic surveys and boundary surveys. We can do anything from details, cover sheets, general notes and title blocks; up to a full set of construction plans. We can charge by the project, or by the hour. Call or email for pricing.


Any AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Map 3D or InfraWorks issues we can handle. Whether it be an application error or just a simple "how to". We can charge by the call or we can enter you into an annual support contract. Call or email for pricing.



Major industries and top companies use and need visualization. Stakeholder approvals sometimes ride on the fact that the stakeholder can actually "see" what their project will look like completely constructed. Visualization can also aide in seeing conflicts and other impending "snags", before they are set in stone in a design project. We are able to use real live data in real world scenarios. We are also able to do an analysis of a site to show the outcome in 3D. Pricing is based on a set fee and is calculated based on project size and detail. Call or email for pricing.


We offer one on one training at your office, or live online. The software that we teach are AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Map 3D and InfraWorks. We can either charge you by the day, or by the hour. If there is more than one person, then the rate is charge by the day by default. Call or email for pricing.


It's important that everyone performs the same and executes projects in a uniform manner. We can evaluate our projects from start to finish and show you how to speed up production by doing projects in a much more efficient workflow. Everyone should begin a project and finish the project the same way throughout the company. We are here to show you how this can be accomplished in the most cost effective way. Pricing is based on an hourly consulting fee. Call or email for pricing.


Bringing a company up to local standards is a big part of being consistent and pushing out drawings that all look like they came from the same company. We can set up your company standards, build your template file and bring employees up to speed on how to use these features in everyday production. We can also aide you in setting up a company standards manual for employees and new hires. Pricing is based on the detailed options that you request. Call or email for pricing.


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On every single project over the last 4 years, Todd has delivered on time with high quality drawings. He routinely exceeds my expectations.
Todd has an in depth knowledge of AutoCAD software and training skills that provide a general outlook to sometimes very complicated issues. Todd has also provided added value after his time training at our company by keeping in touch and making sure we are using the software to it's fullest.
Shawn HerringShawn HerringProSoft
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Todd for the past few years. Todd has always carried himself with the utmost respect for others and it shows with the quality of work and knowledge base that he has. As an instructor and mentor within the Autodesk Civil industry, I highly recommend Todd as he has a great initiative to take a problem and delve above and beyond the initial levels and solutions to find the best solution available.
Todd has been a great partner with our company. He has provided training multiple times with excellent results. He is always there to help when we need technical expertise and all of our staff enjoys working with him.
Todd has proven to be the "go to" guy for AutoCAD Civil 3D questions. In the rare occasion that he doesn't know the solution to your problem he will find the solution and get back to you. Todd is highly recommended.
Manny CarrizalezManny CarrizalezDannenbaum Engineering
Todd Rogers is a very helpful individual and has just a wealth of knowledge of Autodesk software. He has helped me on several occasions from the most simplest of issues to the more complicated type of situations. Not only is he knowledgeable with software, by he has a great comprehension of it's application to the engineering field. I hope to have a long time professional relationship with this great friend and I recommend him highly for anyone needing assistance in technical software issues.
Todd is the first person I'll call if I'm running into an issue with Civil 3D. If there is a solution to my problem, he's found it. He understands the Civil industry, has contacts with Autodesk and has developed a strong set of skills that make him a valuable technical resource.
Todd is a skillful and responsible individual. He works well with people and communicates efficiently.
I think back to what a great opportunity I had to work with such an innovative, hard working person as Todd Rogers. His willingness to teach and assist others is at the top of his professional character traits. My final comment; It was a true pleasure working with you Mr. Rogers.
Ken DriscolKen DriscolApplied Software
Todd is a carefully deep and detailed consultant with expert knowledge of problem solving in Civil Engineering. Todd is a careful and creative thinker with an exceptional eye for details producing demonstrations about advantages and benefits for potential clients; providing information to the development team in regards to new product features and updates; supporting the client with the training to apply scientific knowledge and mathematical principles to solve engineering related problems...In addition, Todd has a sufficient background in other subjects-project management, development and maintenance of wastewater plants and construction management. He possesses the ability to communicate with experts in these fields and to understand the implications of their work on their overall projects.


Bryan Todd Rogers


Todd is responsible for all the work to be performed for the clients.

Nicole N. Rogers

Chief Operating Officer

Nicole is VDD's backbone. She is well versed in all aspects of leadership and management.

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